Safeguarding Young Players

The FA has stated that the future health of the game relies on making football a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for the millions of children and young people who regularly play the game. To that end they have set up the Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures which amongst other things requires that each club with junior or youth teams within its ranks appoints a Welfare Officer, a role I have taken on within Tring Athletic Football Club. Firstly a few lines about me. My name is Trevor Langley and my involvement with Tring Athletic goes back to 1998 when my son Ross started to play for the B team. Previously I was with Tring Tornadoes, undertaking a number of roles whilst Ross was a player at the club. As well as being the Club Welfare Officer I was for 10 seasons the physio for the first team after completing The FA's treatment and management of injuries course some years before.

Returning to safeguarding. The cornerstones of The FA's approach to safeguarding are as follows;

Getting the right people involved - carrying out references and Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks

Creating a safe environment - codes of conduct, Respect, education and best practice

Promoting clear systems to deal with any concerns policy and procedures

I participated in the Herts. FA Welfare Officer Workshop in June 2010, after which I attended the club committee meeting. At that meeting it was agreed that whilst the club endorsed The FA's approach to safeguarding, action taken by Tring Athletic would be based on risk. To that end it was agreed;

That The FA's Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures would be referred to in the club's approach to safeguarding its young players

That CRB Disclosures would be required for the Club Welfare Officer (completed) and for all junior/youth team managers, coaches and first aiders

That in my role as Club Welfare Officer I would make myself available to the junior/youth teams parents/guardians to answer any questions they may have or address any concerns regarding Safeguarding. I would also be available to provide the junior/youth team managers, coaches and first aiders with any assistance they may require.

I can be contacted in the first instance via the Club's e-mail address Mark the e-mail for my attention and it will be forwarded to me.

Trevor Langley, Club Welfare Officer.
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