100 Club Winners - March 2020 (posted Wed 1st Apr 2020)
No this isn't an April Fool joke ! We undertook April's 100 Club by speaking to Mick Eldridge's Grandchildren to select a random number and with one spare number our Groundsman, Darrell Bodimeade selected this one.

The lucky winners were: 4th April: Paul Vockins £10; 11th April: Matt Stacey £10; 18th April: Neil Dunn £10; 25th April: John Eadie £100 and Gill Eldridge £30.

The winnings will be sent to winners via bank transfer.
Club Appearances (posted Sun 29th Mar 2020)
With the current season now finished we update our Club Appearance records:-

TRING ATHLETIC FOOTBALL CLUB: Club Appearances: (excludes A and B appearances prior to 2006) as at 29th March 2020 : Season 2019-20

700 Club : Dave Foskett 754
600 Club : Ian Butler 688; Mark Boniface 648;
500 Club : Grant Mosley 574; Stuart Stedman 561; Steve Johnson 523; Andy Humphreys 539;
400 Club : Jamie Robbins 463; Tom Vincent 460; Paul Lewis 460;
Trevor Gibbs 413
300 Club : Chris Salmon 389; John Perry 379; Dave Whicker 376; Ian Ranger 372; Matt Strange 364; Matt Ruscoe 346; Jeb Stewart 344; Sean Rutherford 341; Rob Duncan 334; T Rice 333; Danny Robbins 307; Sam Joliffe 311
Club record goal scorer is Andy Humphreys on 334 goals and still playing!
We also have a few more players very close to 300 namely Jack Sunderland 298, Dan Stedman 295 and James Butler 281.
Help the Club join our 100 Club (posted Mon 23rd Mar 2020)
Anyone not in the 100 Club who wishes to join can do so as we do have spare numbers.

Costs £1 per week paid via bank standing order which can be downloaded from the Club website : Commercial/100 Club.

Either send the completed form to your bank or ideally return to Mick Eldridge at 12 Highfield Road, Tring, HP23 4DX and he will arrange to deliver to the bank. If sending direct to the bank then please let the Club know so that we can allocate a number etc.

More members mean bigger prizes !

We can have more than 100 members and prize money is 50% of members payments with the current monthly prizes being £100, £30 and then £10 x 3 or 4 depending on the number of Saturdays (4 or 5) in the month.

Draw takes place at the Club on a match day at the end/beginning of each month, drawn by members standing near the Bar !

Announcement of lucky winners is via email to all 100 Club members and by notice on the Club website - www.tafc.co.uk.
SSMFL statement (posted Fri 13th Mar 2020)

After careful consideration the Management Board of the Spartan South Midlands Football League has decided that all league and cup fixtures within the League will be suspended with immediate effect, that is from and including Saturday 14 March 2020, until further notice or until advised differently by the Football Association.
The League will keep the situation under constant review and will update clubs as and when information is made available by the Authorities.
We hope that all clubs will understand the reasons behind this decision and look forward to your usual support and co operation.

Mike Appleby
General Secretary
Spartan South Midlands League
13 March 2020

Buckinghamshire Hero Awards 2020. (posted Wed 11th Mar 2020)
Our club sponsors, The Home Office in Tring, are involved with the Buckinghamshire Hero Awards 2020, organised by Mix96.
They are sponsoring the Child of Courage category and nominations are now being accepted. Do you know a child who has shown great courage?
Whether its bravery in doing something in life or dealing with a difficult situation, the awards organisers want to hear about them.
Make your nomination here. https://www.mix96.co.uk/hero/child-of-courage.php

100 Club Winners - February 2020 (posted Mon 9th Mar 2020)
The monthly draw took place at the Reserve team fixture on Saturday and the lucky winners were:-
1st Feb: Bob Winter £10; 8th Feb: Paul Brannan £10; 15th Feb: Alan Foskett £10; 22nd Feb: Claire Merlino £10 and 29th Feb: Andy Playle £100 and Brian Rutherford £30.

As usual the winnings can be collected from the Club Bar on match days.

We do have a few spare numbers available and should you wish to support the Club it costs just £1 per week and a bankers standing order, at £13 per quarter, can be collected from the Bar on match days or an annual payment of £52 via cheque is also acceptable.
CAR PARKING (posted Sun 28th Jul 2019)
New parking controls are being implemented in the main shared car park at Pendley Sports Centre with effect from 3rd August 2019.

In order to optimise the use of the car park, and ensure members are not impacted by inappropriate parking, Pendley Sports Centre has decided to implement controls whereby cars must be parked within a marked parking bay.

Failure to park within a marked parking space risks a fine being issued by the parking control partner CPM Ltd. There is now clear signage around the car park that explains requirements and penalties.

Please rest assured that the parking controls and any associated fines will be managed in the first instance by nominated Authorised Club Officials from each of the clubs sharing the car park.

The desire is to avoid issuing fines if at all possible, but ensure proper and responsible parking by all users of the car park - this will be to the benefit of club members.
Code of Conduct - spectators / supporters (posted Sun 23rd Jun 2019)
We expect our players who represent our club to behave in a respectful way throughout the season. There are also responsibilities attaching to our supporters who come and watch our teams. in fact, we should set an example of good behaviour so that our players can take a lead from us. The club has produced a Code of Conduct which it attached. it is set out to help increase awareness of the standards of behaviour that are expected within the modern game.


Play your part and support Tring Athletics Code of Respect:

Enjoy match day; its what were all here for!
Celebrate good play from both sides
Always respect the Officials, Managers and Coaches and encourage players to do the same
Stay behind the boundaries/touchline at all times
When players make mistakes, give them encouragement to try again next time
Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour

If you do not follow the Code, you may be:
issued with a verbal warning
asked to leave the ground
required to meet with the Club Committee, League or Child Welfare Officer
obliged to undertake an FA education course
requested not to attend future games, be suspended or have my membership removed
issued with a fine

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