Covid19 risk assessment (posted Tue 4th Aug 2020)
The following is an important anouncement. It sets out the measures that the Club is taking in regards to covid19 compliance and the rules that we expect to be complied with. All players, managers, officials and committee members who attend matches in the foreseeable future will be expected to sign to accept these rules and to agree to apply them.
Covid19 risk assessment (posted Tue 4th Aug 2020)

Following the Governments recent announcements and the guidance issued by the Herts FA, we anticipate commencing playing 11-a-side football on our main pitch from 1st August 2020.


1.All players to arrive at our Stadium already dressed for play, with changes only to footwear to be made at the stadium.
2.All should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and travelling alone wherever possible. People from the same household or support bubble can travel together in one vehicle.
3.Players and management to socially distance (ideally 2 metres) wherever possible before and after the match and in any breaks in play
4.Players and management to wash/ sanitise their hands on arrival, directly before the start of the match, at the end of the match and on departure from the ground
5.All players and managers are to bring their own water bottles.
6.All players will have their own kit stations for their water bottles and boot bags etc. These will be spaced out as per the social distancing rules.
7.The sharing of water bottles is strictly prohibited.
8.All setting out and collection of equipment will be done by the coaches.
9.Players must not handle any of the equipment.
10.The exception to the above is the goalkeeper, who must always wear gloves and sanitise his gloves and hands on a regular basis.
11.Substitutes and coaches must socially distance on the touchline and in the dugout
12.Players are strongly encouraged to sanitise their boots after the match.
13.The coaches will sanitise all the training equipment after the match.
14.When the ball goes out of play, it should not be retrieved by non-participants and should be retrieved by using feet not hands
15.Changing rooms and Showers are not in use
16.Goal celebrations which involve human contact should be avoided
17.Players should not spit and should avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other
18.If a player is injured a member of their household can assist if present and appropriate, but others will still need to socially distance unless life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising the guidelines to provide emergency care. If there is a first aider on hand, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE, including face mask and gloves.
19.Match fee payments should be cashless
20.Players should take their own kit home to wash
21.If a player or anyone from a players household is showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they must not attend the ground, must inform the coach and follow the Government guidelines for Isolation.
22.Matches are played behind closed doors. Until further notice only Committee members are allowed to attend matches.
23.The club will keep a record of attendees, including contact details, and attendees will be expected to sign in acknowledgement of understanding and adherence to these rules
24.Wherever there is any doubt surrounding any of the above rules, the governments latest guidelines will be enforced

100 Club Winners - July 2020 (posted Mon 3rd Aug 2020)
The monthly draw took place today and undertaken remotely by our Hon Secretary and the winners for the month of July were:-
5th July: Dan Smethers £20; 12th July: Liam Ahern £20; 20th July: Paul Vinnicombe £20 and 27th July: Chris Juraszek £100 and Amanda Stacey £50.

Winnings will be sent direct to the lucky winners bank account.
BAR OPEN ON FRIDAY 7th AUGUST !! (posted Sun 2nd Aug 2020)
Join us at the club for a socially distanced social event. The bar will be open from 7pm on Friday 7th August to enable supporters and players the chance to catch up (at a safe distance!) for the first time in a long time.
There will be Champions League football on the big screen and great offers on sales of bottled lager and bitter (no draft). We will be following risk assessment procedures and these will be displayed on entry.
Hope you can come along.
Pre season matches (posted Fri 31st Jul 2020)
Following a committee meeting on Tuesday, we have decided to cancel a number of pre season matches planned for various teams within the club up to and including 15th August. The FA has published guidelines under which competitive football can return behind closed doors providing a large number of conditions are met. It is the club's opinion that we are unable to put on meaningful competitive football whilst keeping strictly to these guidelines which have various grey areas open to individual club interpretation. We have weighed up the benefits of match fitness for our players alongside the potential risks to participants and volunteers. We are also conscious that failing to adhere to the guidelines set out by the FA, as our governing body, may invalidate our public liability insurance in the event of an incident at the club.

There is a conference call on Monday for the SSMFL member clubs and on the same day we understand the FA Cup draw will be published, with the extra preliminary round pencilled in for Tuesday 1st September. Step 5 league matches could then potentially start on Saturday 5th September. Both competitions however will only start once paying spectators are allowed within grounds and therefore we would expect further guidance from the FA in the near future. The club will keep it's stance under review and provide an update in due course. We look forward to seeing our supporters and sponsors back for the 2020/21 season.
100 Club Winners - June 2020 (posted Wed 1st Jul 2020)
The monthly draw was completed today via the "Random Number Generator" and the lucky winners for the month of June were:- 6th June: Ben Alcock £20; 13th June: Ollie Butler £20; 20th June: Lorenzo Cross £20 and 27th June: Barry Simmons £100 and Paul Woodward £50.

As the Club is currently closed (hoping to open shortly) the winnings will be sent direct to the lucky winner's bank accounts.

The Club would like to like to thank Ben Alcock who has donated his winnings of £20 to Club funds.

100 Club Winners - May 2020 (posted Mon 1st Jun 2020)
The 100 Club Draw for the month of May was drawn using a "True Random Number Generator" - and the lucky numbers/winners for the month of May were: 2nd May: 80 Chris Juraszek £20; 9th May: 68 Trudi Fryer £20; 16th May: 12 Dave Foskett £20; 23rd May: 8 Lorraine Humphreys £20 and 30th May: 41 Mick Eldridge £100 and 75 Pete Oakley £50.

The draw was witnessed by Gill Eldridge and embarrassed by his win Mick has donated £100 back to the Club.

The Club is pleased to advise that with a number of "new" members the weekly prize has increased from £10 to £20 with the top prizes continuing at £100 and £30. Thanks for your support.
May Newsletter now available here. (posted Tue 19th May 2020)
Click here for the May edition of our newsletter.
Buckinghamshire Hero Awards 2020. (posted Wed 11th Mar 2020)
Our club sponsors, The Home Office in Tring, are involved with the Buckinghamshire Hero Awards 2020, organised by Mix96.
They are sponsoring the Child of Courage category and nominations are now being accepted. Do you know a child who has shown great courage?
Whether its bravery in doing something in life or dealing with a difficult situation, the awards organisers want to hear about them.
Make your nomination here.

Code of Conduct - spectators / supporters (posted Sun 23rd Jun 2019)
We expect our players who represent our club to behave in a respectful way throughout the season. There are also responsibilities attaching to our supporters who come and watch our teams. in fact, we should set an example of good behaviour so that our players can take a lead from us. The club has produced a Code of Conduct which it attached. it is set out to help increase awareness of the standards of behaviour that are expected within the modern game.


Play your part and support Tring Athletics Code of Respect:

Enjoy match day; its what were all here for!
Celebrate good play from both sides
Always respect the Officials, Managers and Coaches and encourage players to do the same
Stay behind the boundaries/touchline at all times
When players make mistakes, give them encouragement to try again next time
Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour

If you do not follow the Code, you may be:
issued with a verbal warning
asked to leave the ground
required to meet with the Club Committee, League or Child Welfare Officer
obliged to undertake an FA education course
requested not to attend future games, be suspended or have my membership removed
issued with a fine

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