Tue 25th Jul 2017
Tring Town Amateurs 0-4 TAFC Reserve team
In front of a decent sized crowd and even allowing for the fact that 7 of the squad were making their debuts this performance should not fool anybody as to how much work there is to do before our Suburban Premier League starts with only 2 friendlies remaining.

Our goals came from Joe Naylor(2),J.Sunderland & O.Ruttle and apart from a bright start and a missed penalty in the middle of the second half Tring Town failed to score against us despite no lack of effort.

We in turn tended to force passes and too often failed to win possession in good areas and there too many unsatisfactory performances.

C.Woods, B.Vicos, B.Johnson, C.Whatmore, M.Jarvis. J.Hart, C.Church. J.Naylor. J.Sunderland, O.Ruttle, D.To. Subs. A.Cull, G.Ball, A.Ellis, J.Callaghan, B.Twelves.

(No photos on file)

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