Tue 12th Oct 2021
Spartan South Midlands Premier Division
Hadley 2-2 TAFC First team

TAFC goals: Kieran Turner, Tommy Twelves
Word has it that Ryan is looking for a club song that the players walk out to at every match. May I suggest the Walker Brothers number one hit from 1965 Make it Easy on Yourself because at the moment the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, Climb Every Mountain, seems to be ringing in their ears.

Five minutes gone, 2-0 down and our key defender Harry Seabrook is limping off and out the game. Well, at least it had stopped raining!

I have a piece of advice for your training sessions Ryan invite Linford Christie along and he will teach the boys his go on the b for bang starting philosophy because at the moment we seem to be sleeping with the enemy, (Genesis 2021).

Enough of the musical memorabilia and enough of the negativity because in fact this was a really good effort from the boys, showing resilience and character which are qualities just as important as class when viewed over the season as a whole. Every player deserves credit in the way they dug in and continued to believe despite the horrific start.

I must though make specific mention to two individuals, firstly Harrison Cornick. Harrison proved me wrong when, in my last report, I suggested he was a consistent 7 out of 10 performer. He wasnt a 7 yesterday, he was a 9, slotting perfectly into the centre of the defence when called up. But the star turn of the night was undoubtedly Kieran Turner. He was a class act, outshining even their highly dangerous number 7. Every time Kieran received the ball he looked to be creative, progressive, never playing safe. This high risk strategy doesnt always come off but when it does it is a game changer. His goal, struck out wide, dipping and swerving and crashing into the net (or, as the Hadley supporter next to me suggested, a flukey, mishit cross that our keeper misjudged) was a thing to behold.

Tommy Twelves had given us a lifeline half way through the first half and Tommy has develop a very useful knack this season of scoring important goals at important moments. That lifted us and, from that point, we looked dangerous every time we attacked, even when it was just Chris Blunden ploughing a lonely but willing furrow up front.

We have now put together a useful string of results, especially laudable given that, with suspensions, injuries and unavailabilities our squad is being stretched to its absolute limits. Confidence boosted, gradually rising up the table, we go into Saturdays game looking for a further lift.

Team: David Saunders, Harrison Cornick, Harry Seabrook, Scott Bonner, Adam Sawyer, Kieran Turner, Tommy Twelves, Frankie Hercules, Evans Lamboh, Ollie Butler, Chris Blunden

Playing subs: Ben Johnson, Jimmy Doherty.

(No photos on file)

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