Sat 16th Sep 2017
Binfield 3-3 TAFC Reserve team

TAFC goals: Ollie Ruttle, George Carbery, Joe McInroy- Naylor
After 3 successive defeats we changed our style of play by playing in and behind their defence which set up initially as a back 3. The ball was either played early from our full backs or through James Shaw whose trusty left foot delivered passes into good areas. It started like a dream and following good work by Ollie Ruttle ,George Carberry should have scored in the 2 nd minute . Ollie Ruttle then battled and barged his centre half off the ball and finished to put us 1 up in the 10th minute. George Carberry then doubled our lead in the 20 th minute and despite Binfield having lots of possession and probably being technically better,they failed to create more than the odd half chance whereas we should have been 4 up after 35 mins play.

Binfield then got back in the game when poor play on the halfway line allowed a 2 on 1 and despite a great goal line block by Zac Crawford ,the rebound cut the deficit. We then had to work hard to maintain the lead till the interval.

Our opponents stepped up their efforts but keeper Luke Midwinter was not much troubled and we still managed to cause problems on the break.

On 75 mins a clumsy challenge by Paolo Bagatti,who had an otherwise steady game,resulted in an equaliser from the penalty spot.
It would seem that Binfield would go on and gain the 3 points only for a throw from Luke Midwinter to Connor Church ,a pass to James Shaw. He in turn found brother Tom who set Joe Naylor ,now playing centre forward to finish tidily.

With our legs increasingly giving out it looked like we might see time out . Unfortunately,in the 91 st minute after a series of not particularly penetrating passes their full back took a chance as no one closed him and a daisy cutter found its way into the net.

At least we have started to look like a side that is prepared to battle and scrap when it's called for and hopefully we can string together a run of results.
L.Midwinter,Z.Crawford,L.Barkers- Obua, P.Bagatti,C.Church
J.Naylor,J.Shaw,G.Carberry (B.Twelves).
J.Sunderland , O.Ruttle ( I.Ejimfor),T.Shaw( G.Ball)

(No photos on file)

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